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[IP] Re: not eating as much

Have you done a fast yet.  For me, one of the
best features of the pump is that I can skip a
meal or eat extra portions, without my bg levels
going high.  I will normally have to do an 18
hours fast every month or so.  If your bg's are
rising without food, your basals should probably
be adjusted upward.

When I am sick I will check my bg's more often,
and take boluses to keep it down as it normally
does run higher.

>> To all of my wonderful pumpers : )
Im still very new to pumping,just two weeks at
It seems like that my blood sugar will go high
If I have not ate for a
while.Has anyone had this happen to them?
Also when you are sick do you need to take more
And to all my chat buddies that I have met I
will be chatting again this
week ( had to fix my computer )
email @ redacted <<

Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
The meek shall inherit the earth, but not the
mineral rights.
 - J Paul Getty
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