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Re: [IP] restaurant pop

At 09:59 PM 12/30/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>In the past there was some discussion on this list about getting sugared pop
>in restaurants after sugar free pop was ordered. Has anyone discovered a
way to check pop for sugar before drinking it?

This has happened to my son several times lately.  His blood sugar sky
rocketed to 500.  I wish all people understood the seriousness and danger
of "accidentally" giving sugared drinks to diabetics. When my son has
jokingly applied Coke to his test strips, instead of blood, the meter
responds with "Call your Doctor".  I suppose that this might be a way to
test the drink.  Perhaps, it might be safest to have water when out, if you
can't self-serve your own beverage, or receive it in a can or bottle.  For
us, the problem occurred when we ordered several beverages at a drive
through, and they were marked incorrectly. I've taken this opportunity to
educate the managers of the restaurants, explaining that this could have
been a life threatening situation.  I felt like I could not let this go
unmentioned.  Have others had similar experiences, and how have you handled

Diane :-)
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