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Re: [IP] restaurant pop

On 30 Dec 00, at 21:59, Anne E. Koch wrote:

> In the past there was some discussion on this list about getting sugared pop
> in restaurants after sugar free pop was ordered.  I believe this happened to
> me several days ago as my BG went sky high and I know I bolused adequately
> for the food I ate.  Has anyone discovered a way to check pop for sugar
> before drinking it?

If you're using the One Touch bg testing system keep a old vial handy with 
some of your used test strips in it.  Then take a drop of the drink and put it 
on the back of one of the test strips on a white area.  If it turns blue it's 
not a diet drink.  If you're using one of the other meters you can still test 
it - except that a diet drink will usually give an error while a regular 
(sugared) drink will give a reading.

I've also used the old urine test strips - just a drop on the test area of the 
strip and if it changes color it's not a diet drink.  I currently carry a vial 
of these with me when I'm travelling to test my drinks with.  Just stir the 
glass with your finger, put a drop of the liquid from your finger on the test 
strip and watch it for a moment.  It's quick, unobtrusive and repeatable.  It 
has kept me from drinking regular drinks several times.

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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