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Re: [IP] DM cure?

On 28 Dec 00, at 1:51, David Adams wrote:

> > I know that for  many years , many  people said that there is no cure for
> > diabetic people for many year but  I am christian  and  I know that  Jesus is
> > power cure for allllllllllllllllllll of everything and  he can heal  people
> > who are sick .... [Etc.]
> I find this incredibly offensive. Is this kind of post customary and
> acceptable on this list? This is at least as offensive as new-agers asking
> me "why did you _choose_ to be diabetic?" and "oh, all illness is in your
> mind...you can cure it." What is wrong with having an _incurable_ disease?
> If there's no cure that doesn't mean I can't live a decent life. It also
> doesn't have to be my fault that I have this disease. All of the religious
> stuff, be it new-age, Christian, or whatever ultimately says "you're sick
> because you're impure." Well, forget that: diabetes has been a great
> spiritual teacher for me but I'm still a diabetic!

The part about "you're sick because you're impure" isn't the official 
tenent of orthodox Christianity, Judiasm or Islam.  If you want a technical 
religious answer from the monotheistic side, we live in a fallen world and all 
kinds of nasty things are here with us.  

As far as the post you mentioned being typical, it isn't.  And I'm sure that 
the list censors have valiantly stepped up to protect those who might be 
offended by someone's heartfelt  thoughts about dealing with diabetes.  
And now I mount my soapbox for a short sermonette...  We are each 
exposed to many things each day that are offensive, objectionable and 
usually downright crude and repulsive.  How we react to them is partly knee 
jerk, partly habit and partly intentional.  In reading the backlog of posts 
I've come across many that if I let my knee jerk reaction or my habitual 
perceptions control my response I would be offended.  But when I sit down 
to read the mail I make a concious decision that instead of being offended I 
can always either hit the delete button or ask the sender for clarification 
to see if they meant to offend (and if they did, I can always use the delete 
button, and if they get really nasty I set up a mail filter to delete their 
posts before I see them).  Many times I discover that they didn't mean to 
offend but were just using language as an imperfect tool to express a 
concept that was complex and needed more explanation. In those cases two 
things have been accomplished - I've avoided being offended and I've 
discovered someone else's point of view and how they expressed it that was 
new to me.  My point is that the great diversity of lifestyles, viewpoints 
and experiences on the list is a source of wonderful insight and strength in 
our community.  Some of the lifestyles or practices I find objectionable, 
but the people who are living those lives are people who face the same 
problems and annoyances in dealing with our shared condition and we can 
learn from each other.  If each of us chooses to not exercise our right to be 
offended but instead chooses to see what we can learn about and from our 
comrades at arms in the fight to maintain good control we can all benefit.  
It's better to make friends with people who may be doing objectionable 
things than to waste my time making life hard on ourselves by trying to 
constantly expend energy by being offended all the time.  End of 
sermonette, and I'll climb back down off my soapbox.  We won't be passing 
the collection plate on that one, but I will take a moment to put in a word of 
encouragement to remind you that you can still make a credit card donation 
to the Insulin Pumper's web site and if you do it before midnight tomorrow 
night it's tax deductable in 2000!

> I understand that people are deeply, painful, uncomfortable with have an
> incurable disease. Well, after 25 years I more-or-less accept that this
> disease is something I have to live with for as long as I can figure.

Best approach I've found too.  Accept it, but we don't have to like it.  We 
seek to use the best tools (in our case technology has provided an ever 
improving set of tools for the last 20 years or so) and try to live life to the 
fullest as we encounter it.

Of all the  other comments, the one I find most accurate and applicable is:

> * Fair has nothing to do with it.

Fair doesn't figure in to it.  As far as why a very few people have 
a "miracle cure" there hasn't been very much evidence of any 
real cures.   For an answer to why more of us don't get those "miracle 
cures" I have quote a collegue of mine who told me many years ago that the 
response to this and many other questions we encounter is "I don't know.  
Remember, I'm in Marketing, not Management."

I hope that each one of you has a better year in 2001 and that you will be 
blessed in ways beyond your imagination.   And now to try to read or at 
least glance at the 500 or so messages in my backlog...

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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