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Re: [IP] Re: frozen shoulder & hips

In a message dated 12/28/00 1:59:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 

<< Hi Donna!
 You are the first person I've heard describe this happening with their hip.  
 Mine has been doing this for several years.  I had x-rays but they couldn't 
 find anything wrong but it sure limits what i can do.
 Hmmmmm, I wonder if this is another diabetes thing?
 Anyone else have this problem that sounds similar to frozen shoulder with 
 their hips?

Yes, I have had range of motion problems also with hips as well as the 
shoulders to the point that I was having problems getting into my favorite 
comfortable positions for sleeping, sex, etc.  This occurred gradually over 
1-2 years.  (I've had Type 1 for 31 years).  X-rays showed nothing.  I am 
only age 41 but felt like an 80 year old with all the pain.  My doctor says 
diabetics age more quickly than the rest of the population.  Had about 25 
visits to the chiropractor for different therapies.  Never did too well with 
the prescribed exercises.  Chiropractor recommended Glucosamine 500 mg twice 
a day which I have been getting through Melaleuca (Glucosamine HCl which 
happened to be cheaper that what he was going to get for me).  Anyway, I 
gradually got pretty much back to normal (90% of range of motion that I had 
before).  I discharged myself from the chiropractor but I'm still taking the 

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