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[IP] re: yellow spots

I have been diabetic for over 38 years and have not had the experience of 
yellow spots yet but have noticed other visual problems including double 
vision, especially when in the movies, and a loss of color perception.  Both 
disappear when sugar level rises.
Speaking about reactions and low blood sugars, have people noticed a 
difference in reaction feelings since going on the pump?  I feel that I can 
have low blood sugar levels and feel that sugar is low but not in the same 
way as before.  Maybe since starting on the pump, I have been much more 
attentive about testing sugar at the slightest hint of a reaction, but I 
definitely notice a difference.  I also feel that my hypoglycemic awareness 
has actually increased since on the pump as a result of better and more often 
testing. (sometimes 10 times a day)  Debby
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