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Re: [IP] Funny Story For Long Timers...

Jill;  That is a funny story and you were quite a brave little girl!!  

My father had been diabetic since the age of 13.  He so desired to join the 
Navy that a buddy of his peed in the cup for him, so he could join.  He was 
in the Navy (as a deep sea diver, no less) for 2 years before his lack of 
interest in his diabetes care began to cause kidney problems for him.  He 
died at 33 years of age, just before my 7th birthday.

Donna & 'Pearl'
mm pumper since 11/28/00

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email @ redacted writes:

> Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 08:57:02 -0800 (PST)
> From: Jill Patrick <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Funny Story For Long Timers...
> For all of you long timers out there, when I was
> diagnosed 1976 @ 7 yrs., in the hospital I quickly
> became tired and annoyed by peeing in a cup.  So, I
> started filling the cup w/ water.  This went on for 5
> days and baffled Drs. trying to treat me-fasting bg
> high, urine tests always negative.  Finally one night,
> a nurse figured it out, screamed my name down the
> hallway and pulled me by my shirt collar down hall to
> lab.  She asked "Is this water?"  I smiled really big
> and said, "yep."  She called the Dr. who was stunned. 
> Next morning I was strongly admonished and scolded by
> him and my parents.  So, then I had to pee in the cup
> again, but with a nurse present, which halted my H20
> replacement.  About a year later, I started it again
> at home on occasion just to see blue in that little
> tube and to make parents and drs. happy.  Nobody ever
> called me on all of my negatives again.  When bg
> monitors (reflectance @ first) came out, my game was
> over-boo hoo!  Just wondered if anyone else on the
> list ever replaced the urine w/ water for thumbs up
> results?  p.s. Actually found out as an adult that my
> ped. endo. laughed his rear off when the nurse called
> him that night!
> Jill-nearly 25 years T1, pumping 6 years
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