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Re: [IP] Insulin Pump Brands

Hi Diane  I use the MiniMed 508 I like the way it works and the remote but I 
have had some trouble that you may want to consider. The first pump I got 
form MM had a problem with the reservoir door coming open MM sent me a 
replacement pump and I sent that one back I have had the door on the 
replacement pump come open a couple of times I really don't think that there 
is a thing wrong with the pump. My opinion is that the door is poorly 
designed. I don't know what the res. door look like on the Animas or 
Disetronic but this is one thing that may be worth taking a closer look at.  
Other than that I like the 508 but it's the only one I have ever used so what 
do I know. Hope this helps.

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