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[IP] Re: Funny story for long-timers & explanation for cheating

>> My Mom would try and bust me skipping the tests and dumping the clinitest
down the
drain and it scared me into dropping my orange test tubes more than
once.........Dauna >>

I just got a feeling that one of the 2,800 IPers out there wonders what/why
would kids do this stuff back then? Today the BGs give an exact number unless
some kid has devised a way to adjust his meter (as reported here). But back
then, it was all guilt laid on us - there was no way to correct a high or to
even know. The inaccuracy of the pee tests (Clinitest) was that it was sugar
that spilled into the urine 4 hours prior. Each person has a renal threshold
that is like a dam and has a different point as to when the sugar spills into
the urine. A good BG may show sugar in the urine, and vice versa. A lady told
me her DH only spilled at 286 BG. YMMV

The best thing about the good ol' days - is they're gone!! (~_^)

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