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[IP] Re: Frozen hip

Sylvia wrote aboaut sleeping with a pillow between the legs:
No, I was responding to someone who was complaining about having the same
symptoms in their hips as the frozen shoulders.  Poor alignment during sleep
is a main cause of joint and spine problems/pain, especially first thing in
the AM>

As I stated in my *frozen Hip* post, this for me is another symptom of a low.
It hurts only when I run out of calcium and wait to buy more when there is a
sale, or a low. It hurts no matter how I lie in bed. I have slept with a
pillow between my legs for 20 years - and was cautioned (for me) to NOT sleep
on my tummy or back. When my BG is low and my hip hurts so bad I can't get
comfortable, I realize it's a low BG and it's okay when I treat. I was also
told the low BG causes the glucose to be drawn from the body and where it is
painful is what shows up first. I have finally realized this was another weird
symptom as well as the cashew-shaped yellow spot that was Texas-shaped a few
years ago. (~_^)YMMV

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