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Re: [IP] Questions about pumps and travel.

On 30 Dec 2000, at 8:29, David Adams wrote:

> * I'm a restless sleeper, particularly when I'm on the road. How easy is it
> to keep the unit attached when you roam around the bed in your sleep?

(since I haven't traveled with it yet, this is the only one I can 

I use a combo of a waist-it and a clip-n-go at night in bed.  I'm a 
toss-and-turn type persson myself.  It bugged me to end up with a 
lump under me.  The Clip-n-go gives it enough distance from my 
body that I can push it out of the way without wrestling with it.  I 
also keep the waist-it loose enough that it'll slide around my waist 
fairly easily.

I have a nightshirt with a center front pocket (chest) from Unique 
Accessories.  The shirt's way too big (One Size doesn't fit all!) but 
it holds the pump well and I didn't even notice where the pump was 
all night, even though I'm sure I was on my stomach several times.
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