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[IP] Re: DKA

> I did not feel particularly good at the time but no obvious overt
> symptoms ether. I did the set change and bolused for the high BG but
> it still took about 7 hrs to bring the BG back down and completely
> eliminate the ketones.
> >From this I got two lessons: 1) YES DKA can happen fast - one night
> >is more
> than enough time and 2) I need to be a bit more aggressive with the
> extra insulin when this does occurs. -
> I don't mean to sound ignorant or anything but my son has been a DMer
> for a relativly short period of time.  So I'm a bit confused.  I
> thought when someone was in DKA that they were in ketoacidosis,
> usually sick from being very toxic and that this can be
> life-threatening.  Is just having ketones the same thing?  I just
> thought that the use of this term was not appropriate, based on the
> information given??
> sylvia

I think Sylvia is correct here. DKA has major symptoms like vomiting,
fruity-smelling breath, breathing difficulty, etc.  It's kind of like when I
mentioned to someone once that I was told it is unusual to recover from a
diabetic coma, the reply was: I have had several of these diabetic *comas.*
In my coma, I awakened with three IV tubes coming out of me and an oxygen tent
over me. I was unconscious for many hours before the dx was made of DM. Saying
*coma* is like saying *wife.* There is a BIG difference. (~_^) In the above
post, ketones may have been present but not to the point of DKA as yet. YMMV

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