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[IP] Re: Yellow Spot As Hypo Symptom - and other hypo sumptoms?

> I have heard these sypmptoms reported by
others over the years.
> Any further feedback on this is appreciated
from me as well.

I think that these are YMMV.  Throughout my
extensive research (unintended) on the effects
of hypoglycemia over the last 34 years, I have
discovered that different symptoms come and go.
Sometimes there will be vision changes (colored
spots, blurriness, etc.), sweat, confusion,
anger, etc.  When I worked with numbers and
reading most of the time, a clear sign of
lowness was dyslexiia.  When I had a lot of
trouble with transposing numbers or letters a
coworker, or eventually I, would figure that I
needed a boost.  When I looked at printed
numbers and letters they would turn around or
upside down or change into something else. This
can be very disconcerting when you're dealing
with accounting numbers or money (I was a non
CPA controller for a couple years) and would
often cause me to waste hours of work.  Luckily,
nothing that couldn't be fixed.  I never had
dyslexia growing up and have not heard of this
in other dm'ers.  It was a clear sign for me for
a few years.  Now I am becoming more unaware,
except for the sweating and a general feeling of
being off.

Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
The Lord prefers common-looking people. That is
the reason He makes so many of them.
 - Abraham Lincoln
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