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Re: [IP] Questions about pumps and travel.

I have never had a problem with airport security (doesn't even ring, so I 
usually have not mentioned it) or with customs (which have only been Canadian 
and US).  But a friend mentioned a problem with airport security returning 
from Mexico last fall.  She said her extra Disetronic cartridges and the 
syringe for filling them were confiscated -- since she had a full cartridge 
and was on her way home, she did not make much effort in challenging it, not 
even to get an interpreter.  (Yes, I have suggested to her that she should 
bring this up with the pump company, the airport, the airlines, her travel 
agent ...)  But it made me think that I should get my doctor to be a little 
more specific in the letter (written on a prescription form) that I carry 
with me.  I think maybe all the parts we are carrying with us should be 
specifically listed.  And of course it wouldn't hurt to have it written in 
the language of the country you will be visiting, if possible.  Unlikely to 
be needed, but very useful if we happen to run across that Mexican official 
my friend ran into.

I have had the pump set off the security alarm in government buildings, but 
have always been waved through when I explained. 

Linda Z                                                                       
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