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<< Subject: [IP] Insulin Pump Brands >>

We picked an Animas pump for several reasons.  My daughter is recently 
diagnosed and is on a small dose, so  we felt from the information we 
received that Animas or Diestronic were the best choices since they  pump 
frequently even with small doses.  We also preferred a waterproof pump since 
my daughter is a diver.  My daughter made the final choice and she preferred 
the Animas since she thought it looked more like a pager device than a 
medical device.
We have been very happy with the Animas for several reasons.  It is 
incredibly durable, something I did not consider when i was choosing, but the 
Animas is made out of the same type of plastic as safety helmets.  Diabetes 
is pretty frustrating, as is adolescence, and the pump has survived some 
pretty punishing moments that I don't even want to discuss.  
Animas has CDEs on call 24 hours a day.  This was so helpful for us, since we 
were new to both pumping and diabetes.  They have been great and very 
Finally, with the puberty stuff and growth hormones, my daughter's basals are 
all over the place.  We are using 3 for the 4 basal programs and will 
probably need the 4th when spring sports start.
Good luck!  We are so glad we made the move.
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