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Re: [IP] Questions about pumps and travel.

At 10:29 AM 12/30/2000 David Adams wrote:
 >I'm planning to go on the pump next month and am still researching the
 >different brands, features, and options. Can some of you tell me about some
 >of the practical details surrounding travel with a pump:
 >* Do you have to take it off when you go through the metal detectors at
 >airport security?

No problems at all. I've only had the alarm go off once, and then all I 
needed to do is show it to the guard and tell them what it was... they just 
passed me on through.

 >* How much space do you need for the pump and all of the gear?

The pump travels with you. The rest of the stuff should always go into 
carry-on baggage, never in checked luggage. I use a small carry case from 
Minimed to carry my stuff. I estimate exactly how many supplies I'll need 
(based on the number of set-changes), and then double or triple that 
number. I've never come even close to running out. But, it's nice to have 
it, just in case Murphy strikes.

 >* Any sort of weird tricks, tips, or problems on airplanes or other common
 >travel situations?

None that I know of... I carry my BG tester (FastTake) on my belt and test 
anywhere that I happen to be, even in my seat on the plane.

 >* I'm a restless sleeper, particularly when I'm on the road. How easy is it
 >to keep the unit attached when you roam around the bed in your sleep?

No more or different problems travelling than at home. I use a clip-on 
pouch that attaches to whatever I happen to be wearing at night. No problem 
with tossing and turning at all.

 >* Is it hard to get batteries? I'm leaning towards getting a pump that uses
 >regular batteries, if possible.

I usually carry enough spares so that I've never had to do this (I get 5-6 
weeks from most sets of batteries). But, the MM batteries are common enough 
(Eveready 357) that you should be able to get them just about anywhere. 
You'll need to check with the other companies about their batteries.

 >* Do you carry backup syringes and Lente or NPH just in case of complete
 >pump failure?

I always take syringes and Humalog. I never use or even have Lente/NPH 
anymore. Since Minimed (as an example) will have a new pump in your hands 
the next day, you'll rarely be on syringes long enough to make using long 
acting insulin worthwhile. I've been pumping since June '98 and I've never 
had any problems yet (knock on wood).

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