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[IP] Questions about pumps and travel.

I'm planning to go on the pump next month and am still researching the
different brands, features, and options. Can some of you tell me about some
of the practical details surrounding travel with a pump:

* Do you have to take it off when you go through the metal detectors at
airport security?

* How much space do you need for the pump and all of the gear?

* Is it difficult (easy/hard/impossible to know) to find supplies when
you're out of your region or country?

* Any hassles at customs? I've never been asked a question about my syringes
but carry a prescription (...in English, for what that's worth) just in

* Any sort of weird tricks, tips, or problems on airplanes or other common
travel situations?

* I'm a restless sleeper, particularly when I'm on the road. How easy is it
to keep the unit attached when you roam around the bed in your sleep?

* Is it hard to get batteries? I'm leaning towards getting a pump that uses
regular batteries, if possible.

* Do you carry backup syringes and Lente or NPH just in case of complete
pump failure?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

 David Adams
 Kailua, HI 96734
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