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[IP] Insulin Pump Brands

Diane asked:

<snip> Do you have any personal recommendations?  From your experiences, can
make some recommendations? <snip>

Hi Diane,

I've had D for 30 years and just started pumpin' 4 mos. ago.  As some would
say, I'm a newbie to this.  I use the MM 508 since that was the brand
"recommended" by my CDE and endo.  Overall, I like this brand.  However, I
have never used either of the other two so I have nothing to compare to.  I
did have multiple static problems with my first pump which was a pain
because it wipes out all of your basal rates requiring them to be
reprogrammed.  Learned the hard way to keep my rates written down somewhere!

As for the static problem itself, MM eventually provided me with a "loaner"
while they examined my pump.  They initially provided me with a free leather
case that has a special lining in it designed to minimize or eliminate the
static problem.  I had one static episode the day after I started using the
new case so that's when they swapped my pump for the loaner.  My guess is
that I will never see the original pump again and will be given the loaner

The other thing I did to battle the static issue (at MM's advice) was to cut
a strip of Bounce (that fabric you toss into your dryer to absorb static)
and insert it into case so that the pump nestles against it.  So far, I
haven't had any static problems.  Was it the new case or the Bounce?  Who
knows, but the problem is gone......hopefully for good.

MM customer service has also been very helpful and timely in their responses
each time I've called.

Ken G.
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