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Re: [IP] Yellow Spot As Hypo Symptom

>I'd be very interested if anyone else has observed the "yellow spot" as a
>symptom of hypoglycemia. FWIW I'll let Jan take the credit for naming this

Yes.  For sure a sudden plunge or a long extended low will cause a spot or
spots - not yellow in my case - but in the field of vision.  This started
after about 20 years of being Type I at around age 29.

Also severe hypos cause me to become photohyper.  ie:  Light blindness.
This usually only occurs at night but when it does, I can't see anything in
light.  So I open the fridge and reach into the blinding light.  Usually it
takes about 20 minutes to regain my sight after eating.

I have heard these sypmptoms reported by others over the years.

Any further feedback on this is appreciated from me as well.

Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
Pumping for 4 weeks + thanks to the support of wonderful internet friends!
In 5 days on the pump I obtained better control than I had done in 27 years
of MDI!
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