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Re: [IP] Potpourri

In a message dated 12/29/00 4:10:43 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< When I signed in at 10:00 I had my *yellow spot*
 in my vision indicating a plunge. I was 53. A tech from the neph side of the
 office came over to talk to the man a few chairs away from me and called him
 Dr. XXXX.  This was to be a fasting test, therefore I hadn't eaten but 
 I'd run it by the dr. before I put something in my mouth. I asked if he was a
 dr.? Yes. I said this is supposed to be a fasting test and my BG is 53, will
 my eating something ruin it? He said, I don't work here, you may want to ask
 the lab tech when she returns. I said, Well I'm putting something in my 
 I'd hate for 9-1-1 to have to be called here.   SHOULDN'T *ANY* kind of dr
 whether dentist, vet, or GYN know I was in trouble with that ##? >>

The way I read this, you only asked the doc if eating something would ruin a 
fasting test and he said to ask the tech. He may not have known what kind of 
test you were having or how flexible (or not) the "fasting" could be. Like, 
don't eat a major meal fasting or don't treat a low fasting or don't even 
drink a glass of water fasting. 

Jan and Elvis
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