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Re: [IP] Insulin Pump Brands

> Hello Friends!
> I found your website last night, and am happy to have found you!  
> Do you have any personal recommendations?  

Yes, Diane.  There are about 2,800 different recommendations that 
can be offered to you here.

>   As far as comparisons, I don't know a  lot,
> but I do know that the Mini-Med is water resistant and the others
> are waterproof.  The Mini-Med has a remote control.  I really don't
> know very much about the other brands.  I wonder how the costs of the
> units themselves compare, or if the cost of the supplies for each is
> the same.

It all comes down to they are all very comparable, both in initial 
cost and in cost of operation.  Each has it's own bells and whistles 
and they are all worth trying.  That is the recommendation that I 
would make.  Try each one with saline.  That way you'll know 
better how to operate one before it really counts.  Whatever pump 
you end up with, know one thing, they all work 1000% better than 

George Lovelace
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