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[IP] Re: Vitrectomy

> When I went for laser, the doctors there told me that it was very common at
about the 15-year mark for diabetics (type 1). >

This is almost like saying *There will be a cure in X years* or some such
statement. At my 32-yr mark the eyeologist told me since I didn't have
retinopathy then, I wouldn't have. I did have 2 cataract implants at year 43
that took about 32 yrs to fully develop. It was pretty scary when I went from
20/40 to 20/400 with glasses in three weeks time at year 46. Just can't get
too lax in our comfort.

After a vitrectomy, 2 ptosis repairs, and laser, I now have 20/20 and 20/25
uncorrected vision. I do not take my vision for granted, therefore, when
outside in daylight always wear some shade of shades.

The scariest things during that 8 months of *blindness* were not being able to
see my face features in the mirror; walking into familiar grocery stores and
not seeing the product outlines on the shelves; and not being able to fill my
syringe and tubing and get the bubbles out -- my hugsband did a few for me as
well as some bolus back-up shot syringes that he labeled in large print before
leaving on his truck trips. PTL

Happy New Millenium 01/01/01 (~_^)
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