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[IP] Hereditary Concerns

Recently there was an interesting thread about how DM often
follows hereditary lines.  My grandfather was T1, then my
sister became T1, then I became T1.  I learned today that
both of my parents were diagnosed T2 in the past week.  A
few weeks ago, my sister was demonstrating to Dad how the
meter worked.   Dad, the test subject, had bg's in the
200's.  A trip to the doctor confirmed the diagnosis a week
ago.  Then, when Dad had his own FastTake, he was
demonstrating with mom as the test subject and she was 270!
I suspect that my brother will be afraid to be the next
"test subject"!

Interesting thing is that Mom and Dad have always been very
critical of my sister for "catching diabetes" and frequently
chastised her for eating the wrong things, not exercising,
etc.  Next time family and friends criticize me for things
they assume I shouldn't be eating or doing - I'll remind
them that they are probably at risk of DM, would they like
some referrals, and.... they better be careful of which
fingers they point and at whom they are pointed!

Pump Daddy
(hmm. maybe my folks could be "Pump Granddaddy" and "Pump
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