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[IP] DM Cure

There will never be enough money or people to solve all of
the world's medical conditions.  While the amount of money
the pharmaceutical companies make from diabetes, cancer,
arthritis, HIV and scores of other afflictions is
outrageous, it is hard to deny the tremendous strides that
have been made in medical research and patient care.   I
also appreciate the quality of life the products of these
companies have given me and my family - From Cancer to
Diabetes to Heart Surgery to HIV to Arthritis, the quality
of our life's are much better and will continue to improve.

If all the money used in diabetic research had been spent
solely to find a cure ... a cure might have been found.  But
if there had been no research help make it possible to live
better with DM, many of us might not be here to benefit from
it.  That's a tough balancing act for allocation of research
dollars.  Some time ago when I was on the ADA's national
finance committee, I recall how difficult it was to allocate
money to each of the many needs of our community.   If
memory serves, JDF properly formed because ADA wasn't
spending enough on research for a cure.  Until there's a
cure, no amount of research and no amount of money will be

My point? - Lets be appreciative for what we have and how
our lives have improved from medical advances, but lets
NEVER become complacent in seeking our ultimate goal of a

Happy New Year

Tom "Pump Daddy" Wellman
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