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[IP] Re: Programs for PDA's (aka Palm Pilot)

I have downloaded Glucopilot and the diet prorgam from that site. I like them
better than carrying around a bunch of books. I used them for a couple of
weeks and, today, I ordered the programs.
I got the Visor Handspring "Palm Pilot" and it is working out very wellb&no
more log book and no more carbohydrate books, not to mention calendar and
address book, etc. My purse is several pounds lighter.

In a message dated 12/29/2000 5:47:39 PM, Irv Perlman writes:

>I have this software that I plan to try out.  One program is for diet and
>the other for tracking blood sugars.
>http://www.healthetech.com/   This is the link.  I have no opinion as to
>good it is.  I believe you are able to download a trial version.
>      __@
>    _`\<,_   Irv
>   (_)/ (_)
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