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Re: [IP] Information on Restaurants

Don't forget "Nutrition In The Fast Lane" by Eli Lilly, And the "Doctor's
Pocket Guide to Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats" from www.calorieking.com
I have most books here and find that for most foods, such as small orders of
french fries, 'Burgers and such, the averages work fine.  I get the "Fun" of
analyzing at places like "Souplantation" and "Olive Garden" as well as the
little "Mom & Pop" places around here --- A Day Job in itself!

California, with all of it's "health Culture", it isn't hard to find out
much...Even non-diabetics are "into" CHO counting and such.

Jenny Sutherland
  I am a Registered Dietitian as well as having diabetes...all fast food
  restaurants are required to have a 'means' to provide you with the
  information on the nutritional content of the food they serve.  The 'means'
  to provide the information may be that you must contact the corporate
  but at least we can get the information.  Ask for the manager of the counter
  person doesn't know what you are asking for.

  There is also a book out...something by ADA that is small and has a
  purple-ish cover that list most of the fast foods out there by restaurant.
  Sorry, I don't have my copy in front of me and can't give you the title.

  Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
  Cleveland, Ohio
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