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[IP] Insulin Pump Brands

Hello Friends!

I found your website last night, and am happy to have found you!  I am mom 
to a sixteen-year-old son who was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes three year 
ago.  He is ready to go to the pump and we had decided to purchase the 
Mini-Med, as that is the brand our pediatric endocrinologist is most 
familiar with.  It's my understanding, from my research, that there are 
three brands available in the US.  Since I've been reading on the net, I'm 
not sure which brand we should purchase.  My father has a concern about the 
Mini-Med after reading that sometimes static electricity can cause the unit 
to malfunction.

Do you have any personal recommendations?  From your experiences, can you 
make some recommendations?   As far as comparisons, I don't know a lot, but 
I do know that the Mini-Med is water resistant and the others are 
waterproof.  The Mini-Med has a remote control.  I really don't know very 
much about the other brands.  I wonder how the costs of the units 
themselves compare, or if the cost of the supplies for each is the same.

I really appreciate your help.  Thank you for assisting us as we make this 

Very truly yours,

Diane Couchot
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