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[IP] stem cells

I notice a lot of talk about a cure. If you research and ask your doctors
about how they are growing new organs/body parts from stem cells, you may be
surprised. I have heard from quite a few diabetic specialists that within
10 years we may not have diabetes- that they will be able to "grow" a new
pancreas. And for my and many others' sakes, a new retina (s). You never
know- just don't lose the faith.
  well growing a new retina is a tall order and hooking it up is fairly 
tall as well.
new beta cells as the saying goes, they have been there and done that. 
getting it to make islets that can get the messages seems to be the 
problem. but they are trying and are still going to work every day to work 
on it. Spot who still likes going in and working every day Spot.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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