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Re: [IP] Information on Restaurants

On 29 Dec 2000, at 15:43, Andy Johnson wrote:

> Does anyone know if there are any Federal regulations placed on  Restaurants 
> to have nutritional information available?

I don't believe there are any right now, but I sure do wish there 
were.  Even if it's just for franchises like Chevy's or Olive Garden.  I 
can see how local-only places would have a hard time being 
accurate, but for franchises that have the same recipes in all of 
them, I'd think it could be done.

I've been bitching at several restaurant chains lately because they 
don't have carb counts.  I try to explain to them the importance of 
providing such information for diabetics.  

Amazingly, one person sent me back a response saying that I 
should ask the server for ideas on what might be a good choice for 
a diabetic meal.  Good god.  As if I'm going to ask any ol' college-
age waitress/waiter for that kind of medical information!!!!!!  

Lately, I've started depending on my hubby for my bolus amounts.  
He seems to have gotten a pretty good intuitive handle on these 
things.  He's never been wrong yet, and he wouldn't be able to 
count a carb if you hit him over the head with it!  How does he do 

oops.  several rants starting.  better stop while I'm ahead. :-)
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