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Re: [IP] Tobogganing LOW..

On 29 Dec 2000, at 13:02, Todd & Shelly  Tyler wrote:

> Hi all:  Well here is a question I have been meaning to ask for awhile.  How
> much do you "carb-up" to accomodate for exercise/activity?

I'm struggling through the same problem right now.

My line of work causes frequent lows.  We run a janitorial business 
and have recently let someone go so have had to fill in on those 
buildings for a couple weeks (until we find someone to put in there--
not easy to do during the holidays).

So we have frequently had several 4 hour shifts of cleaning to do.  
It's not super hard work (especially if hubby does all the 
vacuuming), but it's just enough to drain all my blood- AND stored- 
glucose.  That usually happens within 2 hours.

If I do a lot of lifting (such as the other night when we had to clean 
up a "toxic spill" when someone's toilets overflowed BLECH), the 
hypo may come some time after I've stopped the exercise.

If I eat "fast carbs", I invariably go low, even if I've reduced my meal 
bolus to 25 gm/unit.  So far, the best food for me is either an 
almost purely protein/fat meal (two good-sized pork chops with a 
bit of sour cream gravy) or something like pizza (which I douse with 
Ranch dressing, making it a very high fat meal) or lasagne or 
cheddar-cheese-loaded-spaghetti.  I bolus a tiny amount for the 
pork chops in a square wave (almost more like a slightly higher 
temp basal), and for the pizza & lasagne I do a dual-wave.  That 
usually lasts me through a 4 hour shift.

Other foods, such as potatoes (which I indulged in this past week 
cuz of Xmas) or a Dagwood-type sandwich or even chocolate, just 
don't last long enough, even if I start the activity with bgs > 200 
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