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[IP] Potpourri

I'm going to combine a few things in this one post.

I had my quarterly lab today for the nephrologist's app't in about 10 days.
The first 5 years nothing was said about fasting - lately it has been
required. It reminds me of the NPH shot days when the next day or two would be
messed up. I am NOT a morning person and getting out of bed is one of the
hardest things. I get my monthly labs done early afternoons. When I took my BG
at 8:30 a.m. today I was 103. When I signed in at 10:00 I had my *yellow spot*
in my vision indicating a plunge. I was 53. A tech from the neph side of the
office came over to talk to the man a few chairs away from me and called him
Dr. XXXX.  This was to be a fasting test, therefore I hadn't eaten but thought
I'd run it by the dr. before I put something in my mouth. I asked if he was a
dr.? Yes. I said this is supposed to be a fasting test and my BG is 53, will
my eating something ruin it? He said, I don't work here, you may want to ask
the lab tech when she returns. I said, Well I'm putting something in my mouth,
I'd hate for 9-1-1 to have to be called here.   SHOULDN'T *ANY* kind of dr
whether dentist, vet, or GYN know I was in trouble with that ##?  I put 20g
carbs in my mouth and nothing was said by the lab tech.  A few hours later the
neph's nurse called and said, I have a *critical* on you - your BG was 55 (lab
results - my meter is working!!!). She wanted to know how I was. Okay 'cause I
ate.  When they plea "Is there a dr. in the house?" I'd sure hope that ANY
kind of dr. would know how to treat a hypo.

We have a lot of snow and more coming today. I am careful to preserve my
eyesight since I have had 6 eye surgeries. To drive in the snow, I use very
light yellow *sunglasses*. It really makes a difference defining articles and
also through fog. These can be purchased at Truck stops or sporting goods
stores (for skiers). I wear sunglasses of various shades whenever I'm outside.
Learned it from my trucker hugsband. (o_o)

Postage is going up. To keep this *on topic* I'm going to suggest weighing
your *heavier* mail on your diet scale. The SECOND and more OZS will be 21c
each.  I go to a lot of drs'. offices and see mail standing to be picked up -
with several 33c stamps on some of them. I comment that (until 1/7/01) the 2nd
oz is 22c. They say they don't have that denomination of stamps in their
offices. Well, WHO buys the stamps? Can't they pick up the extra ones? Does
anyone think their dr(s) don't charge enough per visit? Overspending 11-12c
per ounce several times a week can add up. Don't waste your $ & c on the post
office. Multiply that by 1000s of drs. and maybe that extra can find us a
cure? (~_^) When I send in *boxtops* or any requirements for premiums, I peel
the cardboard from the back since that's not required and saves $ too.

Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
http://maxpages.com/bludasue (<--- BASH news article accessible free at 6th
paragraph until 1/3/01)
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