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Re: [IP] Re: frozen shoulder

In a message dated 12/28/00 9:59:03 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Yes, I have the same problem with my hips as I had with my shoulder. Very 
limited side motion, sore leg and lower back many days. >>

A rheumatologist told me a number of years ago (based on an xray done in 
response to my complaints of pain in the hip when I lay on my side and 
occasionally when I was walking) that I had DISH (I believe it stood for 
Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis), and that it was indeed more common 
among diabetics.  He showed me a copy of an article on it, but I don't 
remember which journal.  A diabetic friend of mine has recently been 
diagnosed with it, also -- her pain and movement limitation is quite severe.  
The only treatments my doctor had to offer were anti-inflammatories and 
cortisone -- my friend is taking some pretty potent pain killers.   What I 
find helps me most is to keep my weight down -- I usually don't notice it as 
long as I keep my weight below about 125 (I am 5'4'').  As I recall, it 
looked on the xray like a bone spur.

Linda Z

Linda Zottoli
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