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[IP] retinopathy-LEE

      From one retinopathy victim to another- get on that pump.  I am 23 and 
during my teens, had anorexia nervosa.  About 2 years ago, I started the 
whole eye mess.  I have had at least 10 laser treatments in each eye, 2 
vitrectomies on my right, and one coming up on my left.  My right eye is 
stable now and sees prety darn well except for the central vision.  My left 
eye has a patch of swo;;en vessels left that won't go away with laser, so 
they need to be surgically removed.  My center vision is also screwed in the 
left eye, but the doc says that there is a device coming out soon that he can 
implant in my eye which will dissolve the fluid.  Also, the surgery may help.
     Eventhough my sight is terrible, I can't read, had to quit school, and 
can barely drive, I have spoken with quite a few others whose eyes were just 
as bad as mine, but after there years of treatment, they are getting along 
today, going to school again, working, driving.  So, I can't totally give up  
now.  Plus, with what they are doinf now with stem cells and regrowth, a new 
retina is not out of the picture

Go to this link and read the article- it is very hopeful.  If you need to 
talk, please feel free to contact/eail me.
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