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[IP] Re: Cure in 5 years?

> Hi Jack,
> I'm not sure exactly how you feel about the
posited question. I'd like
> to know.

Sorry, it was a rhetorical questin.  Maybe I
should have put in a (g).  There has been
statements that the profit motive would keep a
cure from being discovered.  That researchers
would be bought off, or funding held back for
likely cures.  My point was that they would not
only have to buy off the Universities here
(extremely unlikely) and also the research that
is going on in Canada, Denmark (quite a bit),
and across Europe, which is not funded for a
profit motive.

Funding will be held back (as I've tried to
state in another post) not because of a
conspiracy but because the research must be in
morally acceptable areas (no fetal stem cells).

> You ask about Canada. I feel that Canadian
Research and the Canadian
> Government is much less influenced by any
> industry malevolent profit motive,

That's my point.  Any conspiracy to keep me
diabetic, would have to be across the world,
would be likely to fail eventually and would be
extremely damaging when caught (not if).

> witness the discovery of insulin itself and
the recent islet cell
> transplants itself. If Canada had the amount
of medical research grants
> that
> are given out by the U.S. Congress
> we just might have had a cure long ago.

I agree.  It is not being withheld here by any
conspiracy though.  Just our (Americans)
inability to get the most bang for our buck.

> Let me hear from you,

> Greg

Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
I took a speed reading course and read 'War and
Peace' in twenty minutes. It
involves Russia.
 - Woody Allen
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