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Re:[IP] TO the kids and parent's of kids on pumps

Hi  Yerachmiel,
Your comments are appreciated....  From the parents of a great little
kid,Genevieve age 5 dx'd at age 1, whose control and life is much better
and easier because of the pump...
I have a brother who is now 44, dx'd 34 years ago, he is number 4 out of
6 kids, and I am number 5 of 6.  My Mom (who was a career RN VNAVisiting
Nurse in Erie County, PA) started a support group for kids with diabetes
sometime around 1970.   No matter how well and how diligent my parents
were, the instruments for good control just were not there.   My brother
has had 2 kidney transplants, thank goodness that the 2nd was a great
match and stuck with him. However, he is having problems with
circulation, and has pinpoint blind spots in his vision. He has also had
several quite dangerous hypoglycemic eposides, the latest while driving
home from work (he knocked-down some road signs, and (Thank God) no
people before he was pulled over by the police).  He seemed interested
in the pump when we visited my family at Christmas time last week, but I
got the impression that he believed that it wouldn't be for him as he
has already had a fair amount of damage to his system, or it is also
very possible that he has just kind-of given-up.
I am so very thankful that my daughter Genevieve has much more than a
chance at living a very healthy normal life thanks to the wonderful
techonology available now.
Regards to all,
Mom to Genevieve, (age 5, dx'd @ 13 months, pumping for nearly 1 year)
    and James, (age 9 non-D)
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