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[IP] Seizures

Heidi Vogan wrote:

>>	Low blood sugar seizures are no  fun, thats for
sure. I've had two bad ones since being diagnosed a 32
and a 12.(2 yrs) On the 12, I was shaking so hard I
required a glucagon shot, I was still conscious but 
had alot  of difficulty eating something, so someone
gave me a shot. I could still think and feel perfectly
 though, which is weird because I thought I'd die if I
hit 0 mg\dl. I fully expected to black out any
second,but fortuently I didn't.How low does the bg
have to be before it causes permanet brain damage-and
how long could a low state go on without risk of
such?Just curious. None of my brain cells died from
that 12.	<<


I am aware of the problems of having blood sugars in the low teens. I
wish I had an "answer" for you, but I only have my opinion. I work in
cardiac surgery, not neurology. But, I am aware that the trigger points
in the CNS (central nervous system) can, and DO change. Meaning that you
could have a seizure from a blood sugar of twenty and then NOT have one
when your blood sugar is lower or actually have one when your sugar is
much higher. Additionally different areas of the brain can be sensitive
to low blood sugar at different times in your life or even in your day,
depending... Depending on what? That is what I do NOT know.  I have a
few symptoms that seem to appear with regularity. I also have symptoms
that only appear very infrequently. I have only seized in my sleep, so I
have no idea how low my sugar was on those occasions. I have, on the
other hand, had several documented sugars in the low teens when I had
absolutely NO idea that my sugar was low. Usually I know, though.
Strangely my ability to balance on my feet is affected almost always. I
absolutely CANNOT roller skate when my sugar is below about forty. I
have a little trouble walking in a straight line when
my sugar gets low. If I am walking with someone I find myself bumping
into them a lot. I also seem to slow down when I am walking with a low
blood sugar. My wife is quite sensitive to these changes. If I am
reading I find that I have more and more trouble concentrating on what I
am reading when my sugar gets low. Those are the few things that seem to
ALWAYS happen.

On the other end of the spectrum I have had my lips get numb on
occasion. I have had one instance when I began to have difficulty with
my right hand I kept dropping my pen and thought I might be having a
stroke. I measured my blood sugar and it was in the low thirties. I
treated it and my right hand immediately started working all right
again. Sometimes I will get giggly and boisterous and full of fun. Other
times I will start to really worry about the most incredibly stupid

My theory is that certain parts of the brain are more sensitive to low
sugars, and probably low oxygen levels as well, and other areas are more
resistant to these periods of stress.

If an area of the brain is particularly irritable it is capable of
exciting surrounding areas due to the release of neurotransmitters and
the activation of the electrical impulses which is what nerves DO for a
living. If this activity is strong enough it can start a generalized
hyperactivity which is, basically, what a seizure is.

Everyone is different, and everyone can be different at different times
in their life, so you may get better, you may get worse, you may get
"different" or you may get a tax refund. 

Hey, life is tough but I seem to think that it still beats the

Good luck in all you do and let me know if you would like to trade tales
or lies.

I am always here,

Nick Trubov
Fort Smith, AR
email @ redacted
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