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Re: [IP] Re: Finding a cure?

On 28 Dec 2000, at 21:20, email @ redacted wrote:
> Is this the perfect disease?

I'll bet the HMOs don't agree.  They want people who are healthy 
and therefore cost them nothing, but who keep on paying the 
insurance premiums.

They *seem* to do their cost analysis on a 2-3 year basis, not a 20-
year basis.  So diabetics look like they cost the most with all their 
disposable testing/injecting supplies.  They don't *seem* to 
consider that spending that money now will save thousands and 
thousands later on.  Maybe they hope they can drive us away 
before the complications set in.  They did manage to do that with 
me... I wasn't willing to put up with the really poor medical care I 
was getting and so switched to a higher-cost point-of-service plan.

Gee, do I sound a little bitter about HMOs?  heh.

Also, I cost them less when I was doing MDI than on the pump.  I 
reused my syringes many many times.  So I still have at least half 
a box left from my first prescription fill of 100 syringes.  I also use 
lancets for about a month.

I just placed my first refill order with Minimed to a tune of about 
$700 (infusion sets, reservoirs, batteries, test strips, etc).  I didn't 
cost them nearly that much in the 6 months I was doing MDI.  

(But I sure am enjoying life a lot more now!)
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