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Re: [IP] stupid question

It really depends on what insurance you have, and if they have give you the 
ability to utilize mail order for your supplies.

Every insurance company I have had allows for mail order, and based on my 
experience, this option usually saves you money.

My current insurance company charges me no co-pay for supplies from MiniMed 
(3 month supply): Infusion Sets, Reservoirs, batteries, and IV Prep.

However, they charge me a $10 copay for all other prescriptions (3 month 
supply). Humalog, Test Strips, and Lancets.  I guess this charge is because 
I use a separate company for these items.

Does anyone know if I can get insulin, test strips, and lancets from Minimed 
directly?  Maybe I can get all of my supplies at no cost.


Andy Johnson

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>Subject: Re: [IP] stupid question
>Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 19:09:33 -0500
>I am state employee of NJ and I can either pay 10% of miniMed's
>contracted price for 3 months of supplies. ( I worked it out to be
>just about $100 out of pocket for 3 months of supplies) I have a
>$400 out of pocket cap on durable med supplies OR just recently I
>found out that I can get all but batteries through the mail order
>supply part of my prescription plan. I will still get three months of
>supplies at a time and my co-pay is $5 for each prescription ($20
>total for sets, resivour, insulin and IV prep). They in turn order them
>from Minimed. I will have to give them about a four week lead to
>make sure I get my supplies without running out but it is far less
>expensive. I'll still get batteries from minimed. I don't think I'll get a
>better deal then paying $5.60 every three months.
>I didn't realize my prescription plan would cover til minimed
>suggested I try the mail order part of my benefits. Glad I did.
>Gail D.
> >Here is my stupid question for the day: <snip> how do I get the
> >silhouettes( Sp) and stuff like
> >that I need? Through my regular pharmacist? Through minimed? Do they just
> >come with the pump? How many do I get at a time? Thanks!!!
>Not stupid at all.  You're going to need this stuff.  I can't say for sure
>where you'll get the supplies from, but it won't be your pharmacy.  It'll
>be whichever company your insurance company is contracted with.  MiniMed is
>one, Insulin Infusion Specialties is another, and I'm sure there are
>more.  BTW, most insurance companies classify the pump supplies as Durable
>Medical Equipment.
>How many you get at a time again depends on your insurance.  Most insurance
>companies let you get 3 or 6 month supplies.
>The pump will come with a good stash of supplies to keep you for a while.
>Hope this helps,
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>Gail J Donohue
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