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Re: [IP] Getting to be automatic

This also happens to me from time to time.

My problem is that I do a test at 1:00 or 2:00 AM (unaware that I am 
testing) and no matter what the result,  I raid the fridge. All of this 
while I am still asleep. I guess I need to put a lock on the refridgerator 
before I go to bed.

There are generally 2 ways I know I have done this:  1. My BS is sky high 
the next AM and 2. I check my meter every AM to see when the last time I 
checked my BS and it usually is between

I never would have considered it a problem until I wound up outside watering 
the neighbor's grass at 3:00 AM, with no clue as to what I was doing.  My 
wife was pretty surprised when she found me next door.

Who knows what else I do during the night.

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>Subject: [IP] Getting to be automatic
>Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 17:27:14 -0500
>Just curious if there are others who do this:
>Until the pump I only checked my blood sugars in the middle of the
>night if I was sick or if I felt low. Since I generally get up once
>during the night (usually the cat wanting to play) I check my bs
>around 3 am. Before getting the Precision Xtra I didn't have a meter
>with a recall. Lately, I often wake up in the morning, thinking I have
>slept thru the night only to find that once and sometimes twice in
>the night I checked my bs. I have no recall doing this, guess it's
>become automatic. When this first started happening I was
>excusing my husband of doing it, but he swears it's me and has
>seen me do it and thought I was awake. Because my bs have been
>stable at night I didn't know if I'd wake up more to do something
>about a hi or low, guess time will tell on this one.
>By the way I'm also known to have full conversation with people on
>the phone and have no recall of the conversation. People close to
>me know not to call before 8am weekdays and noon on weekends
>if they want be to remember their call.
>Just curious if this happens to others.
>Gail D.
>Gail J Donohue
>email @ redacted
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