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[IP] Re: Is this really necessary?

Lindsey, anticipating her meeting with her daughter's coaches, shares

<<  Basically, we are just asking for a little compassion.  They give 
 more play time to girls who make it to fewer practices, and who aren't 
 diabetic!  These coaches are known for playing favorites; I was warned about 
 them in September, and sure enough....I think they are spooked about the 
 diabetes.  Too bad, cuz our kid is good, enjoys the sport a lot, and needs 
 for her health.  I dread this meeting on Jan 7, but at least my husband and 
 will do it together (without our daughter who is mortified that we are 
 a stink).  She has the same coach in the spring for softball.  Ugh.
 Lindsey  >>
  Lindsey - you're carrying the flag for many of us on this one.  You're not 
making a "stink" - you're educating.  The discussion we've been having re 
"being normal with diabetes" and the reality that we're dealing with a 
chronic, often debilitating, and potentially fatal disease is closely linked 
to your meeting.  Bless you for having the courage - and the voice.  Go for 
it!!!!  Jill T Peaks Island Maine
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