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Re: [IP] Re: Schools and coaches

As a former high school basketball player myself, I can relate to the 
problems you are having!!  I was diagnosed with IDDM my freshman year of 
high school...seven years ago.  My coach reluctantly allowed me to continue 
on the team, but not without difficulty. I cannot say how many times I went 
low in a game and had to rely on my teammates to vouch for the fact that I 
really needed to come out and get a cup of Gatorade!!  But in the end, it 
was worth it.  I was not on the pump at the time, I think that would have 
made things easier for control, but oh well!  Just as a note of 
encouragement...I made the all-State team my junior and senior years and was 
asked to play overseas with a select group of students.  I declined athletic 
scholarships to accept a full-ride academic scholarship to Central Michigan 
University, where I am currently finishing up my senior year.  I coached 
throughout college and plan to continue coaching kids throughout my life.  
It can be done!!  Best of luck to you...I hope that you educate a few more 

>From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Schools and coaches
>Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 14:46:29 -0800
> > Her advisor told us that if
> > we don't do this, her basketball career at the school is finished
> > for good.  You have hit on all the issues.  They need to know more
> > about diabetes management and they need to understand that she needs
> > some flexibility on the practice policy.  They also want them to
> > understand how unintentionally cruel their behavior has been, and
> > how it flies in the face of the school's mission and values of
> > "valuing diversity and individual differences".  I will also point
> > out that the athletic program is more important to our daughter
> > because she is diabetic.
>Try educating the coach -- I know that Lily's coach for soccer when
>she was a freshman in HS was reluctant to have her play and
>intimidated by her condition. In addition to chatting with him, I
>provided a copy of the "Letter to Teachers and Coaches" that's on the
>kids page of the web site. A a freshman JV player and the following
>years as a varsity player she has been voted First Team All League on
>two occassions (this is out of hundreds of kids in the league) and is
>considered the most valuable defensive player on the team by her
>coach. He will routinely pull her out of a game if she signals that
>there is a problem (doesn't happen often) and is patient when she
>cannot start because of hi/low bg's. This all took a little time
>but he realized fairly quickly that she was as good or better than
>most of the other players and just needed a little flexibility.
>Feel free to use Lily as a reference. She will be playing NCAA
>college soccer next year and is currently being recruited for he
>SKILLS, not her medical problems.
>Be patient and try to educate the coach. If he doesn't cooperate then
>HAMMER him.
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