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Re: [IP] stupid question

At 06:12 PM 12/28/2000 -0500, Moira wrote:

>Here is my stupid question for the day: <snip> how do I get the 
>silhouettes( Sp) and stuff like
>that I need? Through my regular pharmacist? Through minimed? Do they just
>come with the pump? How many do I get at a time? Thanks!!!

Not stupid at all.  You're going to need this stuff.  I can't say for sure 
where you'll get the supplies from, but it won't be your pharmacy.  It'll 
be whichever company your insurance company is contracted with.  MiniMed is 
one, Insulin Infusion Specialties is another, and I'm sure there are 
more.  BTW, most insurance companies classify the pump supplies as Durable 
Medical Equipment.

How many you get at a time again depends on your insurance.  Most insurance 
companies let you get 3 or 6 month supplies.

The pump will come with a good stash of supplies to keep you for a while.

Hope this helps,
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