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Re: [IP] DM cure?

He's a fifteen year old idealistic boy, sir, don't let this post offend you,
as he has a right to his feelings as you do OK?

No, it is not a customary post.

That attitude of "Choosing" to have a condition is one of the reasons I can't
get 'into' religion.  I was told by a zealot that I'm legally blind because of
what Adam did in the garden of Eden...Hogwash! It was Oxygen in an incubator,
without which I would've died.

I personally have my beliefs and am happy with them, but I'm the one who is,
so why try to sell it?

He's just a teenager, and has yet to see what maybe you and I have seen.

Jenny Sutherland
  ----- Original Message -----
  From: David Adams

  > Hi, David Adams
  > I know that for  many years , many  people said that there is no cure for
  > diabetic people for many year but  I am christian  and  I know that  Jesus
  > power cure for allllllllllllllllllll of everything and  he can heal
  > who are sick .... [Etc.]

  I find this incredibly offensive. Is this kind of post customary and
  acceptable on this list? This is at least as offensive as new-agers asking
  me "why did you _choose_ to be diabetic?" and "oh, all illness is in your
  mind...you can cure it." What is wrong with having an _incurable_ disease?
  If there's no cure that doesn't mean I can't live a decent life. It also
  doesn't have to be my fault that I have this disease. All of the religious
  stuff, be it new-age, Christian, or whatever ultimately says "you're sick
  because you're impure." Well, forget that: diabetes has been a great
  spiritual teacher for me but I'm still a diabetic!

  I understand that people are deeply, painful, uncomfortable with have an
  incurable disease. Well, after 25 years I more-or-less accept that this
  disease is something I have to live with for as long as I can figure.

  * Diabetes is a chronic disease and eventually we die, just like everyone

  * There isn't a cure and might not be one in our lifetimes.

  * Having diabetes is no protection against any of the other usual problems
  people have.

  * Fair has nothing to do with it.

  Note: I'm better off than diabetics in most of the world. Lots and lots of
  Type I diabetics die quickly because they live in places where insulin,
  strips, aspirin....are too expensive. So, I count myself lucky.

  David Adams
  Kailua, HI
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