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Re: [IP] Kids' Brochure


At 09:00 PM 12/28/00 +0000, you wrote:


>We had a focus group of kids that was mainly aimed at getting ideas
>about the art style so that we could make the booklet visually appealing.
>I did ask the kids a few questions about illness and comfort, one of
>which was "If your doctor told you that you had a serious disease,
>what would you want to know?" They all said that they'd want to know
>if they were going to die. The funny thing about that question is that
>it's based on the stereotype of the doctor saying "you have 6 months
>to live." As we know, they rarely say anything so definite. I think
>that I can answer the "will I die" question honestly, but a little less
>directly. Maybe that's the way I should go.
>/Janet Lafler

Not sure how to suggest this..... A very important part of diagnosis (for 
anything) is to "talk about what you are feeling"....  Kids are very aware 
of "feelings that are being hidden" to "protect" them...  And they don't 
bring up feelings to "protect" those around them...

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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