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[IP] Getting to be automatic

Just curious if there are others who do this:

Until the pump I only checked my blood sugars in the middle of the 
night if I was sick or if I felt low. Since I generally get up once 
during the night (usually the cat wanting to play) I check my bs 
around 3 am. Before getting the Precision Xtra I didn't have a meter 
with a recall. Lately, I often wake up in the morning, thinking I have 
slept thru the night only to find that once and sometimes twice in 
the night I checked my bs. I have no recall doing this, guess it's 
become automatic. When this first started happening I was 
excusing my husband of doing it, but he swears it's me and has 
seen me do it and thought I was awake. Because my bs have been 
stable at night I didn't know if I'd wake up more to do something 
about a hi or low, guess time will tell on this one. 

By the way I'm also known to have full conversation with people on 
the phone and have no recall of the conversation. People close to 
me know not to call before 8am weekdays and noon on weekends 
if they want be to remember their call.

Just curious if this happens to others.
Gail D.
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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