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Re: [IP] Re: Schools and coaches

This is not going to be PC and I'm going to say it anyway.

If the rule is "to play you must be at all the practices", so be 
it......   And if not enough have been at practice...... follow the rule 
(isn't black/white thinking wonderful) and forfeit the game...

I personally would go after them for selective enforcement, not the rule 
itself. If "they" are unwilling or unable to "fairly" enforce the rule then 
it is time to challenge the rule.

To me, the accommodation (personal opinion) needs to be the ability to do 
the things that are needed during the practice.  If I were "on the other 
side of the table" and there was no "proof" of selective enforcement, I 
would not be very open to giving an exception to the "being there" rule.

Brings back memories of 65/66, when an actionable statement was finally 
made by the school board doctor; "We don't allow diabetics to take driver's 
training."  Was very close to being an academic argument with the 
"surprise" DMV license revocation hearing!  Without the permit/license 
there would not have been anything to fight (and I wouldn't have been able 
to drive for a while).

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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