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[IP] Cure in 5 years?

Jack Granowski wrote:
>We must hope for the best (a cure next
>week), plan for the worst (never will be a cure)
>and settle for anything in between (improved
>monitoring, pumps, treatment for complications,

I think that's well put. It's covering all the bases 
that will serve us best. I want a cure as much as
anyone does, but a cure can't be had for the asking.
Meanwhile, better tools can make all of our lives

I'd like to point out one thing about the difference
between research toward a cure and research toward
better management tools: looking for a cure tends to
be "all or nothing" -- you can put a lot of money into 
researching a cure and get no practical result. Research 
for improved treatment is much more likely to produce 
something we can use because it can happen bit by bit: 
a better glucose monitor, a new form of insulin, a better 
injection system, a more reliable pump with better 
features, a better way of treating a particular compli-
cation, etc. These things happen one step at a time, and 
the small improvements add up. 

Research for a cure is a big gamble for a big payoff; 
research for better treatments is a sure thing with a 
small payoff. I think we need both.

I should also say that research into a cure is never a 
waste -- it always yields knowledge. It's just that it 
may take a while for that knowledge to produce something 
that we can use.

/Janet Lafler

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