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Re: [IP] Re: Schools and coaches

Thanks for responding to our problem with the coaches.  I know we are doing 
the right thing by going on record as not liking their attitude and treatment 
of our daughter.  Her advisor told us that if we don't do this, her 
basketball career at the school is finished for good.  You have hit on all 
the issues.  They need to know more about diabetes management and they need 
to understand that she needs some flexibility on the practice policy.  They 
also want them to understand how unintentionally cruel their behavior has 
been, and how it flies in the face of the school's mission and values of 
"valuing diversity and individual differences".  I will also point out that 
the athletic program is more important to our daughter because she is 
diabetic.  We are not parents who simply want their kid to get more playing 
time.  Being active is a big part of the strategy to delay complications.  I 
know they will question whether our daughter is managing her diabetes as well 
as she can be (as if they could evaluate that), and they will point out that 
she could make more effort.  I will acknowledge that my kid is not perfect, 
and can always do better.  But I know for a fact that there are plenty of 
other girls who make the same amount of effort but because they are not 
diabetic, and always have perfect bgs, they make it to more practices.  But 
they don't play any better!  Thank God she can play well and adds value to 
the team.  Basically, we are just asking for a little compassion.  They give 
more play time to girls who make it to fewer practices, and who aren't 
diabetic!  These coaches are known for playing favorites; I was warned about 
them in September, and sure enough....I think they are spooked about the 
diabetes.  Too bad, cuz our kid is good, enjoys the sport a lot, and needs it 
for her health.  I dread this meeting on Jan 7, but at least my husband and I 
will do it together (without our daughter who is mortified that we are making 
a stink).  She has the same coach in the spring for softball.  Ugh.
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