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[IP] Cure in 5 years?

A large number of listmates have brought up the
fact that they were told, when dx'ed, that there
would be a cure in '5 to 10 years'.  Most are
angry about it and some even think that there is
a conspiracy to withhold a cure.  I believe that
when I was told this, that the purveyors
(doctors at U of Minn. Hospitals, in '66. where
a lot of dm research has been done), had no evil
intent.  They really believed that there would
be a cure.  If I were in the same situation, I
too would probably look for the best news
possible that I could give new patients
afflicted with this disease, to avoid
depression.  It had the opposite effect on me,
as I became very depressed after 15 years and
did not take care of my disease as well as I
should have.

I'm a little worried that new club members, will
truly believe that there must be a cure very
quickly.  We must hope for the best (a cure next
week), plan for the worst (never will be a cure)
and settle for anything in between (improved
monitoring, pumps, treatment for complications,

For those that do believe that the Guv'mint is
choosing to support only areas of research that
won't work (in Canada and Europe also?) or that
successful cures are being bought off by
Walgreen Drug and MM, how much have you given to
research specific donations?  What has been done
to raise the consciousness of the public for the
damage that this affliction is causing?  We all
need to be more proactive.  I'm afraid that I'm
also a little guilty, in that I will downplay my
problems when speaking with friends, coworkers,
relatives, etc.  With a pump I can eat like
'normal' people, I can skip meals, do whatever I
want.  In 34 years I have always gone out of my
way to prove that I can do anything normal
people can do.  Since '66 I have missed one
unplanned day of work because of illness
(emergency surgery 2 weeks ago) and have worked
at heavy labor and normally work 6 to 7 day
weeks, when on salary.  If you throw in the fact
that many dm deaths are often attributed to
other causes what is best for each of us
individually may be bad for us collectively.  I
have recently been thinking that it may be that
I may convince someone how well I can cope, only
to have them give their support to hiv, cancer,
cardiac, etc. research.

I am going to try my best to tell people the
true state for dm'ers, without sounding like I
am whining.  The only real answer is probably
education and most that we've seen is wrong.
They broadcast the possibility of a cure, making
people think that dm will no longer be a problem
with nothing having to be done, and then no one
ever hears of the results of these cures.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
That's not a lie, it's a terminological
 - Alexander Haig, in a 1983 TV interview
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