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[IP] RE: 01/01/01

binary: 010101
decimal: 21
Hex:	 15
octal:	 25

Is that enough of an answer from a Geek?  If you don't
know what binary, hex, or octal are, they are simply
different types of numbering systems.  Decimel is a base 10
(i.e. 10 number 0-9) where binary is base 2 (only 0 & 1), hex
is base 16 (0-9, a-f), and octal is base 8 (0-7). They are
just slightly different representations of the SAME number.

Decimal is the numbering system that NORMAL people use and
binary & hex are used by computer geeks. Octal is also used,
but not as commonly.

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